School projects

save our nature save our nature produces films for schools and other interested educational institutions, making them available free of charge together with educational print material.

The aim is to make children aware of environmental topics and develop an interest in these at an early age, explaining to them what this means to the survival of future generations and getting them to treat nature with greater awareness and in a sustainable manner. Films and accompanying educational materials are designed to get teachers and pupils involved with the save our nature projects and environmental topics and using this as a basis for planning and implementing environmental campaigns themselves.

The materials are also made available to all other interested children and youth groups free of charge.

A documentary, accompanied by print material, on the working conditions of cotton farms in Africa covering topics such as self-help, fair trade and ethical consumerism. At the focal point of the project is the Cotton made in Africa initiative of the Aid by Trade Foundation. The idea is to present ecological issues alongside economic issues to coincide closely with the situation in real terms. 




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